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When in Oxford… Visit Blenheim Palace


If you’re lucky enough to visit Bicester Village on a beautiful day, we absolutely must recommend making some time to make the most of Oxford’s gardens. Popular with everyone from families to A List celebrities, thanks to the breathtaking scenery and architecture, iconic stately homes such as Blenheim Palace and Waddesdon Manor are definitely worth tearing yourself away from the Amanda Wakeley store for.

This is our group’s animatic: Have a Break Have a Kit Kat.

We used the Low Calorie as the key promotion point in this TVC

Group Member: Veerapetch Patsarinporn; Xiaoqi Wang; Runjie Xia; Shaomeng Yang; Shu Zhang; Xiaowei Zhang; Yikai Zheng; Xinli Zhou.

Focus group report

Moderator: Cissy Ploy

Note takers: Lily Leila

Time: 20-02-2012

Venue: Graphic building T1007


Number of respondents: 7

How reached them

We looked for them form graphic studio who are interested in our project, or our friends introduce their friends to join our focus group.

Demographic information

There are three female, four male in our focus group. And their age between 21 and 27.all of them are students in Winchester school of art.

Why the were choose

All of respondents know Kit Kat, and most of them thought the products are tasty and cheap. Moreover, they are young people who are our target consumers. Then, all of them study in design pathway, so they could give us lots of professional advises.


1. Do you like it? Why or why not?

2. Do you like the TVC, why? If like it, which part you like mostly, or what give you 3.deep impressions? If do not like it, what make you do not enjoy?

4. Can you understand it? What core messages you could get from the TVC? What is the main line of the TVC? Could you understand the main line through the TVC?

5. What elements in the TVC do you think are not relevant to the products? E.g. Background music, tone of voice, aside, picture, color….Why?

6. What role does Kit Kat play in your snacks after you see the TVC?

7. How importance of calories does you think in the snack before you watch the TVC? And what are about now?

8. After watching it, do you have any new different images of Kit Kat? Do you want to buy the Kit Kat after you watch the TVC?

Key questions

      The evaluate of an understanding from TVC

      The used of elements in TVC

      The calories concerned in snack

      Brand image and motivation to purchase after see the TVC

Key answers

1. Answers for what feelings they had after watching the TVC or could they understand the TVC. Fortunately all of the participants said they could understand it indeed because it was clearly, easy to understand and attractive. Children might be attracted and parents would be influenced. All of them caught the point of low calorie and healthy snack. However, there were some parts that they confused especially burger and water bottle. In their opinion, if the promotion point was low calories, water bottle had no meaning and burger was too big to compare to a chocolate bar. In addition, burger liked a representation of junk food while some respondents did not regard chocolate bar as junk food, it might make misunderstood.

2. Answers for the use of elements in TVC. They thought the voice of TVC was fast and indistinct but the red was appropriate especially for Kit Kat.

3. Answers for the calories concerned in snack. From the respondents, one guy cared much about calories, and three participants noticed the calories but the others did not care about the calories.

4. Answers for brand image and motivation to purchase after see the TVC. It would influence them because before they did not notice that Kit Kat had such a low calories, but after watching the TVC they would think of it. But there were some respondents said they did not like eating chocolate or they did not care the calories so it might not influence them.

The role of pre-testing

Focus group can give us objective advices, comprehensive thinking. Besides, our respondents have professional knowledge of graphic design so they could give us some professional advices. And it would minimize the bias, because native respondents could show us their native opinion of Kit Kat. Last it would reduce the risks since we collected different suggestions from different people.

Team’s reflection on the planning and conduct the Focus Group

From the process of preparing and doing focus group, we have learnt that it was a little short; the best time period would be around 20-25 minutes. The moderators could not control the step of respondents’ answers and all respondents have to participate in every single question one by one. In addition, some questions are similarly. Camera can not focus every respondent’s face due to observe their expression during the focus group. And it should have a second plan if any accident is occurred.

Discussion and recommendation

After complete focus group, we thought the volume and tone of aside voice need to be improved. The hamburger and water will be discussed later whether we change it or not, so do the color and background. The figures were drew so if we type it on or keep it original. It was lucky that respondents could understand core message. Therefore, the effectiveness was good, but we need improvement and think the details more careful and clearer.


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